Making Thaats with Tetrachords Part III


Making the next 16 Thaats with 8 Tetrachords:
In the last post, we put together our 8 Tetrachords and figured that there are 16 available combinations. That made our first 16 Thaats. Now to make the next 16, we will have to make only one change in each, that is the position of the fourth or Madhyam.
All Thaats in the last post, had a natural Madhyam, now we are going to use Tivar Madhyam or sharp fourth. Here in a simple table, I am going to write each Thaat’s Tivar Madhyam counterpart Thaat right in front of it. I will present all 32 Thaats in a flash movie in the next post:

Natural Madhyam Thaat
Tivar Madhyam Thaat
1. Bilaval
to 17.. Kalian
2. Sarsangi
to 18. Latangi
M’, d,
3. Khamaj
to 19. Vachaspati
M’, n,
4. Charukeshi
d, n,
to 20. Rishavpirya
M’, d, n,
5. Suryakant
to 21. Gamanpirya
M’, r,
6. Bhairav
r, d,
to 22. Pooravi
M’, r, d,
7. Chakarvak
r, n,
to 23. Rampirya
M’, r, n,
8. Bakulabharan
r, d, n,
to 24. NamNarayani
M’, r, d, n,
9. Gauri Manohari
to 25. Dharamvati
M’, g,
10. Kirvani
g, d,
to 26. SahinderMadhyam
M’, g, d,
11. Kafi
g, n,
to 27. Hemvati
M’, g, n,
12. Asavari
g, d, n,
to 28. ShanMukhPirya
M’, g, d, n,
13. Kokilpirya
r, g,
to 29. Svaranangi
M’, r, g,
14. Dhenuka
r, g, d,
to 30. Todi
M’, r, g, d,
15. Natakpirya
r, g, n,
to 31. ShadvidhMargani
M’, r, g, n,
16. Bhairavi
r, g, d, n,
to 32. Bhavpirya
M’, r, g, d, n, > Music Theory > Advanced Theory

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