Kamal Heer’s Album- Jinday Ni Jinday


Kamal Heer’s new album “Jinday Ni Jinday” is finally ready.

You may get it here.

I though I should share some of behind the curtain information and my thoughts about this album with my blog readers, who mostly tend to be musicians. My first and foremost wish is that you would like it.

I wrote two of the 8 lyrics. The title song is by Jasbir Gunachairia. The other lyricists are Sukhpal Aujla, Anil Ftehgarh Jattan, Charan Likhari, Preet Khetla and Ninder Sherkhan.

The bulk of the music for this album was recorded in Bombay at the Windlass Studios (engineers Bhanu Thakur & Tane). I would also like to mention a few musicians who have contributed to this album. The Great dhol player and our dear friend Ramzan Khavra (Ramju) played the dhol, dholak and various other percussions. A few songs have four dhols playing together. For these songs his own two sons Sajjid Khavra and Ahmed Khavra, his son-in-law and student Bashir Sheikh and his nephew Abdul Khavra accompanied him. the Famous film rhythm programmer Bharat Ghosher programmed some of the rhythm. The other players are as listed below:

Ustad Tari Khan, Ramzan Khavra, Atul Raninga, Raju Shankar, Sandeep Saxena, Sanjeev Sain, Sharafat Hussain, Naveen Sharma, Raju Sardar and Iqbal Azad.
Jugal Kishore, Pardeep Thakur, Jude Alexander, Sanju Verma, S. Jawda, Mohan Goyal, Neeraj Rath, Parbhat-Jugal Kishore.
Rashid Khan, Jatinder Thakur, Madhukant Dhumal, Dilshad Khan, Gaja, Pardeep Barot.

I also played Mandolin, Guitar, Keyboards, some Flute and Toombi.

The best thing about this album for me has to be the last song, which doesn’t even have my music at all. It was recorded live at Fiasco Bros Studio (Vancouver, Canada) just a month or so ago when the Tabla Virtuoso Ustad Tari Khan was in town. It’s a composition in 7/4, although not in Rupak but in a very Punjabi, folk taal called Dhaia (meaning 2.5). I will do another post about it later.

Although the Bombay studio recorded into Pro Tools, I work in Cubase. We have both programs along with a few others in our studio. So once I brought the raw recordings back to Los Angeles, I converted them to Cubase project files and finished them in Cubase 5. The album was also mixed in Cubase 5 by Michelle Garuik.

Working on a music album is a hard and long process (or it ought to be). It is a joint effort of many people. I am very thankful to all those who have helped me in the process and I am looking forward to see if you would find that our efforts have paid off. I hope this album will entertain millions and bring joy to even many more hearts. Enjoy.

79 thoughts on “Kamal Heer’s Album- Jinday Ni Jinday

  1. Sat Sri Akal Sangtar 22g,

    You wont recognize me but I want to show some lyrics to you. Can I get your email or other way so that I can send you the various lyrics .. Punjabi geet jo main apne aap likhey hoye. Main g ess field ch fresh haan te mainu exact way nahi pata k how to present the lyrics. So 22g tuhadi sewa lodeendi hai ehdey layee.

    Thanks and best of Luck for the new Album Jinday Ni Jinday … I will be eagerly waiting for it.

    Preet Zinda (Harpreet Singh Sran)

  2. Oh Wow!!!

    That’s really the most awaited album of Kamal Heer. Sangtar Bhaji launch this as soon as possible so that i can buy this album and say thanks to you for your great music and great contribution in punjabi industry.

  3. Satshriakal Phaji.

    We couldn’t have asked for more this winter.. I know the combination of Kamal Heer..Jasbir Gunachauria ji and yourself would surely deliver this time too.. Congratulations to the entire Team.. musicians..the lyricists and everyone involved in the project..

    Would like to urge listeners to BUY ORIGINAL AND LISTEN ORIGINAL.

    Thanks a lot.

    Yours Truly
    Gurpreet S. Chatha.

  4. Sat Sri Akal Sangtar Bhaji,

    Jinday ni Jinday… very nice title.. songs ta fir zabardast hoon ge hi Kamal Bhaji di Awaj de tuhada music.. tracks ta supper dupper hoo ge… i hope eh bahut hi badiya hovegi,


  5. hello bhaji we were so happy to hear about new album of kamal. we are so fond of you all three , your music and way to present.We wishing you all the best for your new album……………… chak deo phatte
    vhaguru ji mehar karnge 😀
    We love you …………please reply
    with regards Chahal family
    All the way from Norway

  6. i m Damn sure like your all other projects this is also to gonna be superb…!! Best of luck and well wishes.


  7. Fist of all Sat Ahri Akal. .
    Waw! !
    I realy extd . . . whn albm ll be lunched .. . I realy gr8 fan all of u. . .. I wish dat dis album ll be rocky .. . My Best wishes alwayz wid u. . ..
    Congrats once again. .. .. please you relese a MOVIE also on ou punjabi culture. .
    Rabb Rakha. . .. !!

  8. satsrikal sangtar sir,
    how r u?….sir i have some lyricsts of punjabi songs writtenn by me….how can i send to you please reply..i’ll wait for ur rep…..i am from sri ganga nagar (raj.),india.

  9. ssa to every1
    first of all congrats for making a new website n im quite thrilled for kamal heer’s latest album. he is lookin stunnin…….. i alwaz like ur music n im hopin this time it will rock. im happy that.this time you tried new lyricst.
    keep the good work up
    may God bless us

  10. ik waar phir hajir 22 lai k new ….::Tadak dug dugiyan chikad-pundiyan::…
    Best of luck for ur new presentation >>>Jinday Ni Jinday<<<


  11. Hello Sangtar Brother,

    I am Anmol from a leading English newspaper. I have been a stanuch fan of you three, especially Waris Bhaji since you organised a live show in Ferozepur in 2000.

    I have talked to Waris Bhaji on phone and i am very pleased that the new albumb of Kamal Heer is ready. I give you my best wishes.
    Satshri Akal

  12. bhut bhut sat sri akal sareyan nu…

    es var ta lgda bala bdda dhmaka krna jindey ni jindey ne
    music ind. ch…..saadian ta sda duawan ne tuhade sjjre surkh swere lyi….

    knn trs gye c solo reel sunn lyi kamal di….
    Mnmohan di solo reel bare channana pao….

    MAHARAJ chardi kla ch rkhe……

  13. Sat sri akal Sarya nu.mai Gurpreet spain to bahut hi besabri nal kamal heer de album de udeek kar reha va. As hai ke koi bada hi damaka hou.Punjabi virsa 2009 wangu.Sat sri akal .
    and best wishes for Sangtar.Manmohan and kamal.and all punjabi bros.

  14. 22 g i m eagerly waiting for kamal’s album N also hope…waris’s next album will also release very soon…thanks for evrything u r giving to music lovers.
    22 g …Is there any particular reason dat…kamal N waris are not singing songs wriiten by GREAT DEBi g N 22 davinder khanewala….gud luck……tC


  16. veer ji satsriakaal
    veer ji me pardeep pathak from hoshiarpur. veer ji me kamal heer & manmohan waris nu bahut pasand karda ha. aap ji da music ta lajabab hai veer ji. veer pehla ta tuhanu punjabi virsa ch naam kmaun lyi vadaiya.veer ji hun kamal heer di album aa rahi hai , menu bahut khushi hai, tuhanu es album diya lakh lakh vadayia.veer hi me bhi punjabi song likhda ha. menu bhi koi chance deo.

    pls reply im waiting ur ans
    thanking you

  17. Satshriakal Bhaaji..
    I saw Plasma New website.
    that’s Nice.
    ANd i am waitin for kamal’s new album.
    Take care .
    Rabb rakha

  18. sat sri akal, i’m so happy & excited about this album.wish u best of luck……………………………………………………………………………………………..

  19. hi ssa g,
    eh sun ke bahut khushi hoi hai k kamal heer g di new album aa rahi hai…manmohan waris n kamal heer sade bahut hi favourite singer haan te bhaji thuada music v bahut kamaal da hunda hai… rab agge ehi dua karde haan k kamal heer di eh album v “Kainthey Wala” wangu super duper hit hove…..thnx….

  20. main bs ena kehna chaunda ha ke sareya de tugade warge 3 veer hone chayide ne,manmohan,kamal te sangtaar 22 varge,kyuki hor koi thaan lai ni sakda ske bhravan di,
    main manmohan 22 g da boht badda fan ha,

  21. Sat sri akal sangtar bhaji, i was waiting for the album in october as you guys told us. Jatinder bhaji ( Cairns- Australia ) walon sat sri akal. Thonu Shayad mera yaad na howe but we met in ur brisbane show..remember we drived from cairns to see the show with Jatinder bhaji…hmmm i think u remember us now…Gud luck bhaji…waiting for the album….and charan da sad song vi sun na coz suneya wa that’s the best song of the album….
    Rab rakha bhaji…

    Gud Luck

  22. bai g koi apni mail id v dasso ta ke asi tuhanu koi mail v kar sakiye.nale j kamal bai g nal gal karni hove ta kadon te kis no te kar sakde haan.keep rocking bai g

  23. Paaji, congratulations to you and Kamal on the new album!

    Jinday ni jinday is a beautiful song – the strings, flute, percussion and bass – all exquisite.

    Your production style has morphed into something very special, and hopefully you will continue to create masterpieces such as these.

  24. sat sri akal, i’m so happy & excited about this album.:::::: thats really good news!!/////////wish u best of luck…………………………………………………………

  25. sat sri akal sangtar paji, i heard d song jindey ni jindey, n saw d video too.. oh man, by god its brilliant.. very well produced song, great music, great vocals, great video, all in all a great song dat shows with what spirit this project was done.. wishing u loads of success for this album and shouts to kamal heer too, for treating d wonderful lyrics with wonderful vocals.. stay blessed..

  26. O my god…this song is awesome. I don’t even know how many times I’ve listened. It is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice. God Bless you Kamal Heer. You are amazing.

  27. Ke haal a sir g main waris sahib de album de wait kar reha se tusi ta kamal ji da gift de dita hun hor dar na karo jaldi release kar devo
    Ke MW ,KH ji da koi song hindi film wich aa reha a k nahi ?

  28. very nice song jindey ni jindey.especially the way it is picturised. I dont hope but i know the other songs will also be of the same level. Best wishes.

  29. paaji song bahut he vadia hai. hit hai 22g. paaji tuhanu sare nu milna hai. mein waris paaji de hr song da fan hai teh tuhada music ve paaji huna de hr song nu hore vadia kr dinda hai. tuhada likhya hoya song EH DUNIYA KHARI TAHMSHA DEKHE di wording ultimate c. kamal paaji neh is bar punjabi virsa ch rang he ban dita. paaji tusi 3 prah he ho waris punjab de. paaji bahut vadia. wish you best of luck.

  30. ssa bhai ji.new song bahut badiya hai.eh ta dasso bhai ji kamal heer bhai ji hona di new album kado release ho rahi hai te manmohan waris bhai di bhi kado a rahi hai new album kyunki manmohan waris ji di album nu market ch aye kafi der ho gyi hai waise jindey ni jindey song di video very nice hai

  31. sabh to pehlan satsriakal sarian nu,,,bhaji main bahot time to wait kar riha si kama bhaji di album da eh kis din release honi a????bhaji jaldi karo hun wait nahin hundi jis din a jindey ni jindey song suniya,,,,,

  32. Sat Sri Akal Sangtar Ji
    Main Kamal bhaji da Title track sun reha c te song de shuru ch mera room partner sun k kehnda KISKA GANA HAI GHULAM ALI KA???
    I think that is a one big compliment from someone who doesn’t listen punjabi music
    Gana sachmuch bahut changa gaya hoya I liked it very much
    But apart from the usual flavour that is expected from Kamal’s album I am eagerly awaiting Charan Likhari’s lyrics
    All the best 22 g

  33. hello sangtar when will this album be released?its almost december and you said it will be released in the first week of november

  34. hi to everyone.i am sunny from new zealand ( Auckland). i was eagerly waiitng for the abum of kamal and more eagerly manmohan waris ji..i meet you at telstra in auckalnd during punajbi virsa… All the songs are nice but jinday ni jinday is awesome especialay this song..
    … keep it up best of luck…

  35. My favorite songs, hands down, are “Chete Kari”, which is really sweet and touching and the title song “Jinday Ni Jinday” i love that interlude thing that Kamal does in between the song, is really nice on the ears.

  36. HI veere , Sat sri Akal…bai ji Album is juz awesome….bahut zabardast song han…specially the title song…ITS JUZ SIMPLY GR8…..

  37. Sat Sri Akal, Sangtar

    Bro u guys r doing a very good job
    I really love the title track Jindey Ne Jindey
    ik varry Scotland aa ke ve Virsa Layyoo
    looking forward for u guys in Scotland


  38. ssa ji This song is very very nice.Singer ne ta kamal kiti hi ha.par writer ne v is gane rahin apne jaj batan nu sade samne pesh kita hai. sadi dili tamanna hai ki gunachauria ji da interview dikhaia jave ………….thax

  39. bai ji i am always a big fan of you,i mean three of you.good album i like it,keeep it up,good luck for ur future,thanks kirni kaler

  40. ssa 22ji im a song writer not a grate one but i have wrote fue songs wud like to shere with u plz if i cud. i have wrote some songs about sakh gurus, sum teppe and fue more i want to send it to u.or if u are in uk or u coming to uk i can contect if i get the phone number plz. thanks very much. i just hard a new sad song of 22 manmohan’s on tv liked it very much wen the album is comming plz

  41. ssa veer ji..kehar kar ditta dona albums ne ji..suprb lyrics,music andd spl voicess..no one can beat your music sangtar paji!!khush raho ji

  42. pa ji ssa

    22 ji baut hi vadi album hia main u kafi der to ik na bhulan wali album di udeek c. i think oh udeek khatam hoi

  43. sat sri akal 22g thoadi album ne tha khamal karthi sadey pind dey vich thoada bahut thank u keep up grate work ji okay ji goodbye and PEACE OUT YO

  44. Wish you a very Happy New Year!!!!

    I love your songs bcose there is lots of Punjabi touch in ur songs. Whenever i listen your songs Apne Punjab Di Khushboo Andi hai.

    Love you all.

    Gurdeep Singh

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