Toombi – Part 2 – Playing First Four Notes

Toombi: Playing First Four Notes
Please watch the video below. In this Video you will learn to play first four notes on a Toombi. If you do not understand Punjabi, you may use the Close Captioning (‘CC’) feature on YouTube. Also for further description, please visit Thanks

28 thoughts on “Toombi – Part 2 – Playing First Four Notes

  1. no music director in punjabi music industry has ever initiated dis type of thing…so helpful for young n learning people….
    so deeply illustrated …well done sir !! keep dis gud work up 🙂

  2. Been looking for a toombi tutorial for ever…..WIll be spreading this throughout Eastern USA……finally someone on youtube speaking pure punjabi.

  3. Sangtar ji,sat shri akal, how r u. I see ur tutorial views in ur web page, how to play toombi . Ur demo performance is very unique for those people,who love to play Toombi or to listen toombi .I also love this folk instrument. I yet to see ur third part to play it. very-2 thank u for ur noble service in the field of music .God bless u.

  4. Hi
    I am from Toronto. Tusi bahut vadiya lesson dita tumbi da. Hale next video na kareo upload meri is di pratice hale khatam nahi hogi…

    Thank You

  5. Sangtar bhaji tuhadi tina veera di jini v tareef kiti jave ohni he thori a,ek tusi he jinha ne Punjabi virsa sabyachar Kayam rakhya,

  6. Veer ji mere dil di bari reezh si main tuhada live show dekha veer ji main 2005 ton try kar reha si tuhda live show dekhan di.par mauka nai miliya..kal 3 Nov Dubai vich tuhada main show dekhya ta aina maja aya k das nai sakda,tuhadi stage bahut he vadiya a,Mainu aje v viswash nai ho reah main tuhanu tina veera nu real ch dekhya aa……main bahut khush hoya tuhanu dekh k……

  7. i am tottaly fan of u and i listen it every day . I feel proud that i listen your toombi videos . Very very very nice. I am very impress by u . At last
    tuhanu vekh ke eda lagda hai ki jida bandae vich 7te kla sampurn hn. Thank you

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