Dhaian Nadian Da Punjab (ਢਾਈਆਂ ਨਦੀਆਂ ਦਾ ਪੰਜਾਬ) eBook

Dhaian Nadian Da Punjab
Sangtar’s Dhaian Nadian Da Punjab (ਢਾਈਆਂ ਨਦੀਆਂ ਦਾ ਪੰਜਾਬ) eBook is now available for download. Please use the links below.
1. Click Here to download from iTunes
2. Click Buy Now link for other devices.

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TouchOSC (iPad) Layout for Cubase 6

I designed this TouchOSC layout for Cubase 6.5.
This layout controls Cubase parameters in three ways:

1. Through the Generic Remote,
2. Through the Quick Controls, and
3. Through Midi CCs and Notes, which can be recorded to any MIDI channel directly.

To use this layout:

1. Install TouchOSC app on you tablet and install the TouchOSC bridge on your computer.
2. Establish a connection between your iPad and the computer.
3. Download the layout files . (Download Here).
4. Put the .touchosc file on your device.
5. Import the xml files into Cubase. There are two files, one for the quick controls and one for the generic remote.

All files are fully editable. if you see a problem (such as a repeated CC# or a wrong assignment), or need to change something, please edit the related parameters.
A few things such as the Master fader and meters may need to be re-connected.

To obtain TouchOSC app and help on related topics please visit http://hexler.net/
To obtain information about Cubase related topics please visit the Steinberg forum.

Here are the images of this layout:

touchosc-cubase-pg6 touchosc-cubase-pg5 touchosc-cubase-pg4 touchosc-cubase-pg3 touchosc-cubase-pg2 touchosc-cubase-pg1


Happy New Year! (2012)

I would like to wish everyone a very happy new year!
2011 was a wonderful year for us. Our Australian tour was a great success.
We recorded Melbourne concert (September 25, 2011) and now Plasma Records is releasing it worldwide except Moviebox is distributing it in the UK and Europe.
The audio is already out, the video will follow shortly.
Here is a song from this upcoming release which coincidentally is very appropriate for this occasion. Enjoy!
May your 2012 will be full of excitement and happiness.

Punjabi Virsa 2010 Concert in Victoria, BC

Tonight is our Punjabi Virsa 2010 concert in Victoria, BC. The event is scheduled for 7:00pm tonight at Oak Bay High School Auditorium. For more information, directions and tickets please visit the link below:


See you there!

Punjabi Virsa 2010 Concert in Winnipeg

Today is our Punjabi Virsa 2010 concert in Winnipeg. The event is scheduled for 7:00pm tonight at Pantage Playhouse Theatre. For more information, directions and tickets please visit the link below:


See you there!

Punjabi Virsa 2010 – Canada


All concerts of ‘Punjabi Virsa 2010 -Canada’ have been finalized.
To obtain more information about a particular concert, please click on a city below .

September 11th Saturday – Calgary, AB-Jublee Auditorium

September 12th Sunday – Winnipeg, MB-Pantage Playhouse Theatre

September 18th Saturday – Vancouver, BC-Langley Events Centre

September 19th Sunday – Victoria, BC- Oak Bay High School Auditorium

September 25th Saturday – Toronto, ON -Powerade Centre, Brampton

September 26th Sunday – Edmonton, AB-Meridian Banquet & Conference Center

For more concerts please pick a country
Punjabi Virsa 2010: Canada,
Punjabi Virsa 2010: USA

Kamal Heer’s Pendu Jatt Video

Kamal Heer’s Pendu Jatt, new song from Jinday Ni Jinday album. This viedo is directed by Sandeep Sharma. All three of us, Kamal Heer, Manmohan Waris and I appear in the video. The video was shot on a life size set in Punjab. The lyrics are by Preet Khetla. Enjoy.

Back From Mumbai

I just came back after a month in Mumbai, recording elements for Manmohan Waris and Kamal Heer’s new albums. Now back in Los Angeles, I am finishing Kamal Heer’s album first. It is scheduled to be released in September. Here are a few pictures from Mumbai sessions.

Sangtar in Windlass Studio

Sangtar in Windlass Studio

Ahmed Khavra, Ramzan Khavra (Ramju), Abdul Khavra and Bashir Sheikh

Ahmed Khavra, Ramzan Khavra (Ramju), Abdul Khavra and Bashir Sheikh

Pardeep Barot on Sarod

Pardeep Barot on Sarod

Dilshad Khan

Dilshad Khan

Jatinder Natha (Jeetu)

Jatinder Thakur (Jeetu)

Back from Europe

Hello everyone,
I am back from our European tour. As I am getting back into my old schedule, I am going to post some videos for you. Here is the second video from Manmohan Waris’s Dil Nachda Album. Lyrics are by Mangal Hathur, Video director is Azim Parkar and music is by yours truly. I hope you will like it.