Please read a note about this Ragkosh here.

Here is an other useful post about processing a Raag:


This Ragkosh is under construction.Once completed, it is going to be the worlds largest compilation of Raags. There would be over 500 Raags in this Raagkosh. Nonetheless, this is a fully working list, meaning you can use it while I build it.


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You may also use the search feature on this blog to find a Raag.

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10 thoughts on “Raagkosh

  1. sarching od raag adaanaa i found this blog.i am a music,vocal,learner.thank you,,,
    can u suggest m any site of folm songs’ nottations too?


  2. Hello sir,

    1. thanks to make this website and taking initiative on the same…
    2. I want to buy E scale flute like the one you have….I have been playing flute for some weeks now on my own i have been able to learn a few songs but lot of work is required. i am not able to find any teacher near by so i am on my own and on internet for help.

    3. Where can i find classical composition notes which i can practice do u plan on putting them on website as well… The notes i am looking for are hindustani classical i had learned classical vocal music during by younger days for 1 year.

    Thanks for your inputs.

    Ankur Chawla

  3. Sangtar Ji. I have learnt a lot out of your Bansuri tutorial videos on Youtube. You’re a great teacher, an inspiring musician and a wonderful human being. Thank you for being in this world.

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